Our Approach


KiaraFash is a dynamic ,classy Fashion blog aiming at reaching out to the Youth and Middle Age of different diversities by giving them Fashion News , Views and Opinions on Trending Fashion for all Season. Embracing the Natural look into glamour and essence.

Fashion is about something that comes from within you


The Values


The aim of KiaraFash is to advertise trending fashion by reaching out to the Youth and Middle Age at large despite their Class.



The Stylish appearance and mannerism in which is being given a diplomatic appearance by embracing the new look with Confidence and Independence. Look the part and Embrace it.


Believe It

The essential look of our brand and it’s uniqueness brings about it’s quality and affordability of it’s Life-Style and Fashion Change. embracing a diplomatic look and feel.


Live It

In Unity we stand  together in Uniting a sense and feel of a new look and to follow Trending Fashion News  that will keep us on our feet to embrace a unique Fashion Sense.



KiaraFash is mobile and you able to access it any where,giving you the latest updated Fashion News and keeping you posted with new upcoming one touch  KiaraFash App.


Believe It

The diversity of it’s Style Change will embrace on different views  from the Youth,Middle Age of Both Gender and allowing  their take on Fashion Opinions and Style.


Live It

The Unique Style of KiaraFash gives you fresh Fashion ideas by assisting you to DIY (Do It Yourself) and rocking it with what’s in the closet Trending Fashion Street- Style.

Our Story


The beginning 

KiaraFash was founded in 2016 by Ruth Joloza, a young inspirational and ambitious lady whose dream was to be a Fashion Designer, Ruth Joloza took a great lead in the Fashion Industry by being a Fashion Blogger to inspire young individuals about the latest trending Fashion and how you can still look good by wearing and rocking what you got in the wardrobe. Ruth Joloza is a Qualified Media Journalist who has an National Diploma in Media Journalism and a National Certificate in IT Systems Development, her passion for Programming and Web Design inspired her to start a Fashion Blog as well as her love for Fashion.

Searching our style

KiaraFash’s Style of Glamour and Essence will bring a Unique style to be outstanding, KiaraFash’s latest trending Fashion news as well as Street Style ,bringing you a new Trending Fashion Style.

New Generation

The New generation of KiaraFash paves a way to assist young upcoming entrepreneurs to showcase their Talent

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